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Fred Davis, MD
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Dr. Fred Davis, MD - Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Frederick Davis, MD


I've been practicing psychiatry and psychotherapy for 40 years, and have successfully treated many hundreds of people.

I stay in practice because it's vitalizing to me and I'm effective. I retain a deep curiosity and interest in my fellow human beings, and have always felt that serving others is life sustaining.

I'd like to introduce myself and the type of care I offer to individuals and families who are looking for someone with experience and compassion.

Dr. Davis

We Tell Its Shape

Hope does not take sides,
sits with poor and rich alike.
Pain’s the same, visits
though the day be gray or sunny.
Hope and pain, life has them intermingle,
give complexity to what we are:
homely as a fence or beauteous – stunning.
Pain’s a naked nerve, stroked
by ordinary air, would have us run and hide.
Hope’s an open-hearted word,
we tell its shape by butterflies.

F.B. Davis

Memories at Rest, an original painting by Deborah Walker


All poetry by Dr. Fred Davis

The paintings are original works on paper by Deborah Walker, used by permission.
More of Deborah's work can be seen on her website.